Farmers’ perceptions of climate change impacts on ecosystem services delivery of parklands in southern Mali

2016 - Kapoury Sanogo, Joachim Binam, Jules Bayala, Grace B. Villamor, Antoine Kalinganire, Soro Dodiomon

Farming and cropping systems in the West African Sudanian Savanna

WASCAL research area: Northern Ghana, Southwest Burkina Faso and Northern Benin

2012 - Callo-Concha, Daniel | Thomas Gaiser and Frank Ewert

Field and simulation experiments for investigating regional land-atmosphere interactions in West Africa: Experimental set-up and first results

2013 - Bliefernlich, Jan | Harald Kunstmann, Luitpold Hingerl, Thomas Rummler, Sabrine Andersen, Matthias Mauder, Rainer Steinbrecher, René Frieß, David Gochis, Ursula Gessner, Emmanuel Quensah, Ayoola Awotuse, Frank Neidl, Carsten Jahn, Boubacar Barry

Financial performance of fertilisation strategies for sustainable soil fertility management in Sudano-Sahelian West Africa

1. Profitability of annual fertilisation strategies

2015 - Lamers, John P. A. | Michael Bruentrup, and Andreas Buerkert