WASCAL in the Media

Démarrage des consultations sur le changement climatique, lundi

2015 - aps.sn, 18-12-2015

Le Centre ouest africain de service scientifique sur le changement climatique et l’utilisation adaptée des Terres (WASCAL) démarre, lundi à 8h 30mn par le Sénégal, des consultations sur le changement climatique, annonce un communiqué parvenu à l’APS.

The "Grazing Game": Playing climate change in West Africa

2015 - ZEF News, 29-10-2015

The most extreme effects of climate change are projected in West Africa and are expected to occur in desert and grassland areas. It is crucial for local populations in this region to better understand what such projections mean for them so that they can develop sound adaptation policies and interventions. For this purpose, we developed an online game, called the 'grazing game'.

Why we organised climate change information workshop

2015 - Newswatch Times, 22-9-2015

FUTA workshop examines climate change causes, consequences

2015 - EnviroNews Nigeria, 16-9-2015

Untersuchungen in Bonn: Der Klimakiller aus den Reisfeldern

2015 - General Anzeiger, 1-9-2015

WASCAL Graduate Agatha O. Akpeokhai continues her studies on Climate Change with a scholarship from the Alexander-von-Humbold foundation in Bonn, Germany. Article in German.