Book chapters

African perspectives on climate change and agriculture: Impacts, adaptation, and mitigation potential

2012 - Naab, Jesse | Andre Bationo, Benson M. Wafula, Pierre S. Traore, Robert Zougmore, Mamadou Ouattara, Ramadjita Tabo and Paul L. G. Vlek

Political dimensions of climate change adaptation

Conceptual reflections and African examples

2013 - Eguavoen, Irit | Karsten Schulz, Sara de Wit, Florian Weisser and Detlef Müller-Mahn

Gender-specific spatial perspectives and scenario building approaches for understanding gender equity and sustainability in climate-smart landscapes

2014 - Villamor, Grace B. | Pelagie Afiavi Dah-gbeto, Andrew Bell, Ujjwal Pradhan, and Meine van Noordwijk

The role of modelling in adapting and building the climate resilience of cropping systems

2014 - Kahiluoto, Helena | Reimund Rötter, Heidi Webber, Frank Ewert

Enhancing Climate Resilience of Cropping Systems

2014 - Webber, Heidi | Helena Kahiluoto, Reimund Rötter, and Frank Ewert

Biodiversity: Climate Change

2014 - Freudenberger, Lisa | Jan Henning Sommer

Land surface phenology in a West African savannah: impact of land use, land cover and fire

2015 - Gessner, Ursula | Kim Knauer, Claudia Künzer, and Stefan Dech

How to assess the impact of agricultural and forest management on biodiversity and ecosystem services

2015 - Fürst, Christine | Susanne Frank, Daniel Rozas-Vasquez, Marcos Jimenez, Katrin Pietzsch, Frank Pietzsch