Woody species diversity of Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn traditional agroforests under different land management regimes in Atacora district (Benin, Africa)

2015 - Aleza, Koutchoukalo | Grace B. Villamor, Kperkouma Wala, Marra Dourma, Wouyo Atakpama, K. Batawila, and Koffi Akpagana

Population structure and regeneration status of Vitellaria Paradoxa (C. F. Gaertner) under different land management regimes in Atacora department, Benin

2015 - Aleza, Koutchoukalo | Kperkouma Wala, Jules Bayala, Grace B. Villamor, Marra Dourma, Wouyo Atakpama, and Koffi Akpagana

Evaluation of the onset and length of growing season to define planting date – A case study for Mali (West Africa)

2015 - Akinseye, Folorunso M. | Samuel O. Agele, Pierre C. Sibiry Traore, Myriam Adam, and Anthony M. Whitbread

Climate Change: A Driver of Crop Farmers - Agro Pastoralists Conflicts in Burkina

2015 - Sanfo Abroulaye | Savadogo Issa, Kulo E. Abalo, and Zampaligre Nouhoun

A Spatio-temporal Model of African Animal Trypanosomosis Risk

2015 - Dicko, Ahmadou H. | Lassane Percoma, Adama Sow, Yahaya Adam, Charles Mahama, Issa Sidibé, Guiguigbaza-Kossigan Dayo, Sophie Thévenon, William Font,a Safietou Sanfo, Aligui Djiteye, Ernest Salou, Vincent Djohan, Giuliano Cecchi, and Jérémy Bouyer

Intra - Seasonal Variability of Climate Change in Central Burkina Faso

2015 - Kabore/Bontogho Tog-Noma Patricia Emma | Ibrahim Boubacar, Barry Boubacar and Helmschrot Joerg