WP 4.4 Politics of Adaptation / Climate Change Governance

We study socio-economic and political dynamics in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) arenas where we investigate social relations, administrational procedures, as well as the flow of information and funds. We analyse how state authorities, civil society, and individuals distribute, translate and appropriate climate change information by collecting empirical data on a wide range of themes, including disaster risk reduction, food security, and climate change communication. Special focus is given to the planning and governance of climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes.

Research Activities (finalized)

  • Attemene, Pauline 2015. Communicating sustainability in the context of climate change. Case study of two Gambian ecotourism areas. MSc. thesis. MRP Climate Change and Education. University of the Gambia (supervisors: Dr. Eguavoen & Fatou B. Raji).
  • Bamler, Jan-Niklas 2016. Value for the vulnerable. Sustainable smallholder development in Northern Ghana & the value chains of tomato, chili and rice. Doctoral thesis. Institute of Geography. University of Cologne (supervisor: Prof. Braun).
  • Bukari, Kaderi Noagah 2016. Environmental change and conflicts between farmers and herders in Ghana. Doctoral thesis. Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Goettingen (supervisor: Prof. Schareika), (funded by DAAD).
  • Dicko. Mahamadou M. 2014. Impact of dams under high climate variability on the fishing communities of Bargandaga and Ngomidaga in the Inner Niger Delta of Mali. MSc. thesis. MRP Climate Change and Human Security. University of Lomé (supervisors: Prof. Dougnon & Dr. Eguavoen).
  • Eguavoen, Irit. The politics of climate change adaptation in West Africa.
  • Eibisch, Stefan 2014. Cereal banking in the Gambia. In search for adaptation to climatic variations on the community level. MSc. thesis. Department of Geography, University of Bonn (supervisors: Prof. Müller-Mahn, Dr. Irit Eguavoen).
  • Germer, Aminata. Food security under climate change. Farmers´ perceptions and responses in Ioba Province, Burkina Faso. (funded by WASCAL, Fiat Panis).
  • Germer, Michael 2013. Dissemination and uptake of climate forecasts in Burkina Faso. Stakeholder network in the Province of Ioba. Diploma thesis. Department of Geography, University of Bonn (supervisor: Prof. Bohle).
  • Kavegue, Afi 2015. The experience and impact of urban flooding on school children in Ebo Town, Kanifing Municipality, The Gambia. M.Sc. thesis. MRP Climate Change Education. University of the Gambia (supervisors: Dr. Njie & Dr. Eguavoen).
  • Koch, Robert 2013. Local perception of change and development in Dassari, Benin. A qualitative survey. MA thesis. Institute of Political Science and Sociology, University of Bonn (supervisors: Prof. Blasius & Dr.  Dennaoui)
  • Lauer, Hannes 2014. Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into develoment strategies in the Gambia. The adaptation paradigm between resilience and transformation. MSc. thesis. Department of Geography, University of Bonn (supervisors: Prof. Müller-Mahn & Dr. Irit Eguavoen).
  • Ripplinger, Pascal 2014. Renewable energies in Sub-Sahara Africa. A case study of the Gambia. MSc. thesis. Department of Geography, University of Bonn (supervisors: Prof. B. Klagge & Prof. K. Greve).
  • Schulz, Karsten 2015. From adjustment to transformation. Exploring institutional pathways to climate change adaptation in Ghana. Doctoral thesis. Institute of Political Science and Sociology. University of Bonn (supervisor: Prof. Hilz) (funded by Evangelisches Studienwerk, Fiat Panis).
  • Wahren, Julia 2014. Climate Change Adaptation in the South-West Region of Burkina Faso: an empirical study. MA thesis, School of International Studies (ZIS), University of Technology, Dresden (supervisors: Prof. da Conceição-Heldt & Prof. Brunnengräber).

Related Publications

Renewable Energies in the Gambia

2016 - Leapfrogging the Carbon-intensive phase of development

Ripplinger, Pascal

Stereotypes, prejudices and exclusion of Fulani pastoralists in Ghana

2016 - Bukari, Kaderi Noagah | Schareika, Nicholaus

‘Transformations towards sustainability’.

2015 - Emerging approaches, critical reflections, and a research agenda.

Patterson, James | Karsten Schulz, Joost Vervoort, Carolina Adler, Margot Hurlbert, Sandra van der Hel, Andreas Schmidt, Aliyu Barau, Pedi Obani, Mahendra Sethi, Nina Hissen, Mark Tebboth, Karen Anderton, Susanne Börner, and Oscar Widerberg.

Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Strategies in The Gambia. The Adaptation Paradigm between Resilience and Transformation

2015 - Occasional Papers of the Centre for Development Geography, No. 03, Bonn.

Lauer, Hannes

Depoliticised and technocratic? Normativity and the politics of transformative adaptation

2015 - Earth System Governance Working Paper No. 33. Lund and Amsterdam: Earth System Governance Project.

Schulz, Karsten | Siriwardane, Rapti

Climate change adaptation in Burkina Faso: aid dependency and obstacles to political participation

2015 - ZEF Working Paper 140. Bonn.

Eguavoen, Irit | Julia Wahren


Dr. Irit Eguavoen
University of Bonn, Germany


Dr. Sebastiaan Soeters
Towards more inclusive, participatory and conflict-sensitive climate change interventions in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Kenya (research project 2014-2017)
University of Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands

Dr. Gilbert Fokou
Coping with pastoral uncertainties in post conflict context in West Africa. Cross-border mobility, institutional change and livelihood strategies of smallholders in North Côte d´Ivoire.
Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d´ Ivoire (CSRS)
Abidjan, Côte d´Ivoire.
Prof. Joseph A. Yaro
Department of Geography and Resource Development
University of Ghana,
Legon, Ghana

Prof. Detlef Müller-Mahn
University of Bonn
Bonn, Germany

Dr. Nadège A. Boko-Koiadia
Department of Sociology
Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny
& Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d´Ivoire
Abidjan, Côte d´Ivoire


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