WP 5.1 Risk Assessment & Analysis

Abstract and Objectives

This Work package aims to identify social groups among rural households that are the most affected by the consequences of climate change and related environmental hazards, to explore their coping and adaptation possibilities and to develop a multi-hazard risk assessment approach at multiple scales. Using in-situ data, household surveys and remotely sensed data climate induced risks mainly focusing on floods and droughts will be assessed.

Important outcomes of the research will be exposure, vulnerability and risk profiles at various spatial scales for Burkina Faso, Ghana and Benin. Furthermore, based on the research conducted within this Work Package, recommendations on suitable coping and adaptation strategies will be derived.

Research Location

All three watersheds (Tetonga, Vea and Dano) in Benin, Ghana and Burkina Faso, Western Sudan Savannah zones of Benin, Ghana and Burkina Faso

Doctoral Research

Daniel Asare-Kyei (“Spatially explicit methodologies for indicator-based vulnerability assessment and upscaling in West African socio-ecological systems under climate change”)

Joanna Pardoe (“A local approach to assessing the vulnerability and resilience of social-ecological systems to natural hazards in the changing West African climate”)

Related Publications

Towards the Development of an Adapted Multi-hazard Risk Assessment Framework for the West Sudanian Savanna Zone

2015 - Kloos, Julia | Daniel Asare-Kyei, Joanna Pardoe, and Fabrice G. Renaud

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

2017 - Joshua Ntajal | Benjamin L. Lamptey, Ibrahim B. Mahamadou, Benjamin K. Nyarko


Dr. Fabrice Renaud
United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security
Environmental Vulnerability & Ecosystem Services Section

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