Towards Inclusive Climate Change Interventions (TICCI)

Enhancing the capacity of practioners and policymakers in designing and implementing conflict-sensitive adaptation interventions

As a response to increasing climate variability, national governments, international organizations and NGOs are currently implementing new types of policies aimed at climate change adaptation and mitigation. Climate variability sometimes goes hand in hand with conflict situations (e.g. pastoralists versus farmers), but it can also be reason for solidarity and new types of collaboration.

Little is known about the role of interventions in preventing these conflicts and/or offering new perspectives for collaboration. In response, the aim of the Towards Inclusive Climate Change Interventions (TICCI) project is to enhance the capacity of practioners and policymakers in designing and implementing conflict-sensitive adaptation interventions. We focus specifically, albeit not exclusively, on potential conflicts between small-scale farmers and pastoralists in the arid and semi-arid regions of Ghana, Burkina Faso and Kenya, arising as a result of climate change adaptation interventions.The main elements of adaptive capacity are inclusiveness and participation in decision-making, access to assets, innovation, knowledge, and strengthening institutions.

As such, TICCI particularly focuses on increasing inclusiveness, participation and conflict-sensitivity of climate change interventions directed at farmers and pastoralists; and on the ways to prevent conflicts and/or contribute to conflict resolution. The project aims to arrive at a thorough contribution to understanding the links between community participation in development; local power relations; inter and intra community conflict/cooperation; climate change interventions, and people’s adaptive capacity. We will conduct high-quality and participatory research and generate in-depth, long-term, comparative and interdisciplinary knowledge on climate change adaptation interventions from the local perspective.

TICCI hopes to contribute to the formulation of ‘community-smart’ climate change adaptation policies, which will be achieved in close connection with the communities, policy makers and practitioners.  


Sebastiaan Soeters
Email: S.R.Soeters(at)