Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann


  • Senior Researcher


Core Research Programme

Programs and Research Projects:

  • 1.1 Regional Climate Model System
  • 1.2 Seasonal Weather Forecasting


Field and simulation experiments for investigating regional land-atmosphere interactions in West Africa: Experimental set-up and first results

Bliefernlich, Jan | Harald Kunstmann, Luitpold Hingerl, Thomas Rummler, Sabrine Andersen, Matthias Mauder, Rainer Steinbrecher, René Frieß, David Gochis, Ursula Gessner, Emmanuel Quensah, Ayoola Awotuse, Frank Neidl, Carsten Jahn, Boubacar Barry

Variability of West African monsoon patterns generated by a WRF multi-physics ensemble

Klein, Cornelia | Dominikus Heinzeller, Jan Bliefernicht, and Harald Kunstmann

Crop-Climate Ensemble Scenarios to Narrow Uncertainty in Agroclimatic Risks. Assessment on Pearl Millet and Maize in the West African Sudan-Sahel

Salack, Seyni | Benoit Sarr, Sheick Khalil Sangare, Mouhamed Ly, Ibrah Seidou Sanda, and Harald Kunstmann

Crop−climate ensemble scenarios to improve risk assessment and resilience in the semi-arid regions of West Africa

Salack, Seyni | Benoit Sarr, Sheick K. Sangare, Mouhamed Ly, Ibrah Seidou Sanda, Harald Kunstmann

Global warming induced hybrid rainy seasons in the Sahel

Salack, Seyni | Klein, C., Giannini, A., Sarr, B., Worou, O.N., Belko, N., Bliefernicht, J., and Harald Kunstman

Numerical Simulation of Surface Energy and Water Balances over a Semiarid Grassland Ecosystem in the West African Savanna

Quansah, Emmanuel | Genki Katata, Matthias Mauder, Thompson Annor, Leonard K. Amekudzi, Jan Bliefernicht, Dominikus Heinzeller, Ahmed A. Balogun, and Harald Kunstmann