Prof. Dr. Stefan Porembski


Institute of Biological Sciences/Botany, University of Rostock


  • Senior Researcher


Core Research Programme

Programs and Research Projects:

  • 2.7 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


Threat of agricultural production on woody plant diversity in Tankwidi riparian buffer in the Sudanian Savanna of Ghana

Boakye, Emmanuel Amoah | Dibi N'da Hyppolite, Victor Rex Barnes, Stefan Porembski, Michael Thiel, Francois N. Kouame, and Daouda Kone

Influence of climatic factors on tree growth in riparian forests in the humid and dry savannas of the Volta basin, Ghana.

Boakye, E. A. | Gebrekirstos, A., Hyppolite, D. N., Barnes, V. R., Kouamé, F. N., Kone, D., Porembski, S., Bräuning, A.

Vegetation Structure and Carbon Stocks of Two Protected Areas within the South-Sudanian Savannas of Burkina Faso

Qasim, Mohammed | Porembski, S., Sattler, D., Stein, K., Thiombiano, A. & A. Lindner