Dr. Oblé Neya


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WASCAL Competence Centre

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  • Senior Researcher


Competence Centre

Research interests:

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services-Biodiversity status and dynamics

Programs and Research Projects:

  • Doctoral Programme Climate Change and Biodiversity
  • Cluster 2: Landscape Dynamics
  • 2.7 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • 2.6 Status of Biodiversity

Professional experience:

Pass potisons
March 2011-April 2015: Director of studies and planning and then Director General of Studies and Sectorial Statistics (from October 2013) at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, of Burkina Faso.
The Directorate General, I was charge, covers five (5) technical directorates namely:
-the directorate of formulation of policies,
-the directorate of prospective and operational planning,
-the directorate of monitoring, evaluation and capitalization,
-the directorate of sectorial statistics,
-the directorate of projects and programmes coordination.
The overall mission of the Directorate General is the conception, planning, coordination, monitoring evaluation of policies, strategies, programmes and actions plans of scientific research and innovation in Burkina Faso.
As director general, a part from coordinating the conception, planning, coordination, monitoring evaluation of policies, strategies, programmes and actions plans, I am in charge also of the establishment and follow up of relations between the ministry and its technical and financial partners. Regarding the last role mission, I then actively participate in funds raising processes for the different projects and programmes of the ministry.

As scientist, I was researcher at the department of forestry productions (DPF) at the Institute of Environment and Agricultural Researches (INERA), a research institute under the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation of Burkina Faso. Member of the research team on improvement of forestry productions, I work mainly on biology and physiology of tropical tree seeds. The research activities aim at a better knowledge of germination and conservation aspects of forest genetic resources with a global goal to contribute to a sustainable management of biodiversity.

Pass positions
•March 2008 – March 2011: Head of the Applied Research Division at the National Tree Seeds Centre, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
The division, I was in charge for more than three (3) years had three (3) established research programmes that were:
-Programme on Seeds technology;
-Programme on Sylviculture, Ecology and Taxonomy of species;
-Programme on Conservation and genetic improvement of species.
At this position, my main duties consisted in:
-coordinating the conception, the planning and the implementation of strategies, actions plans and activities of the applied research division. These strategies, actions plans and activities were focussed on the conservation of biodiversity, the adaptation of species to different agro climatic zones, the protection and restoration of ecosystems, biology and physiology of tree seeds, improvement of growth and productivity, production of seedling in nurseries, planting and ecology of forest species ;
-establishing partnerships for conservation and sustainable management of forest genetic resources in rural communities and for the valorisation of research results and products;
-contributing to the elaboration and implementation of resources (funds and materials) mobilization strategies for the activities of the center ;
-contributing to the capacities building of partners including students and development agents through training and supervision of internships.

•May 2007 - March 2011: Responsible of the Laboratory of seeds Technology at the National Tree Seeds Centre (CNSF), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and National Coordinator of the Millennium Seed Bank Project au Burkina Faso.
As responsible of the Laboratory of seeds Technology my duties included:
-the scientific and technical coordination of the conception and implementation of research programmes and protocols on tropical tree seeds biology and physiology ;
-the supervision of students from vocational schools and universities on internship ;
-the coordination and participation the transfer of technologies and research results to end users such as farmers and development agents.
In my position of coordinator of the Millennium Seed Bank Project in Burkina Faso, my duties were:
-the preparation of the annual working plan and budget of the project in Burkina;
-the supervision of quality and control tests of seeds before storage ;
-the elaboration of technical and financial reports of the projects ;
-the supervision and follow up of students and interns working on the project ;
-the scientific and technical support to other partners of the Millennium Seed Bank Project in West Africa particularly in Mali.

•January 2002 – November 2006: Implementation of my PhD project at the Department of Plants Sciences, Wageningen University and Research Centrum, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
My PhD project was focused on the conservation of tree seeds from tropical dry-lands.
The project aimed to:
-contribute to the improvement of the lifespan of tropical tree seeds in ex situ conservation;
-increase and facilitate the use of local tropical tree species in reforestation and agro-forestry programmes;
-contribute to the intensification, the improvement and diversification of agro-sylvo-pastoral productions in tropical dry lands;
-contribute to the fight against desertification in sub Saharan Africa;
-contribute to achievement of food security in sub Saharan Africa.

•October 1999 – December 2001: Research Engineer at the National Tree Seeds Centre, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, within the seeds technology programme.
At this position, I was particularly in charge of the programme “Conservation of tree seeds in rural communities”. Within this study, we have done an inventory of traditional methods and techniques for grains storage in about 20 provinces in Burkina Faso. In total 19 local seeds producers committees have been set up and their capacities built in seeds harvesting and conservation good practices. Finally, the different traditionally methods and the associated knowledge and know-how have been used to set up seeds conservation trials in rural areas in a participatory manner with rural communities.

Education & Training:

•January 2002 - November 2006: PhD candidate at Wageningen University and Research Centrum, The Netherlands.
•October 1996 - June 1999: Rural Development Engineer studies at the Rural Development Institute, Polytechnic University of Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.
•October 1993- June 1996: General University Studies in Chemistry and Biology at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques, University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
•October 1986 – June 1993: High School studies at “Lycée Provincial de Boromo” and “Lycée Ouezzin Coulibaly de Bobo Dioulasso”, Burkina Faso.

•Novembre 2013 (11-26): Participation to training programme 2013 of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP) for High Level Policy Makers. Organised in collaboration with the International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation under the auspice of UNESCO (ISTIC), in Seoul, South Korea.
•November (7th) –December (18th) 2011: « e-Learning Course on Introduction to Innovation Policy for Developing Countries ». Organised by The World Bank Institute, Washington, USA.
•March 2011 (05-11): Training workshop on The World Bank Safeguards Policy. Organised by The World Bank in collaboration with the West and Central Africa Agricultural Research Council (CORAF/WECARD); in Dakar, Senegal.
•November 2010 (24-26): Regional workshop on the issues of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) post-dispersal: Management of coexistence of crops and crops resistance. Organized by African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE) of African Union (AU) and the NewPartnership for Africa Development (NEPAD); in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.
•January 2010 (28-30): Training on «Risks Assessment and Management in Biotechnology ». Organised by the National Agency for Biosafety of Burkina Faso in collaboration with West and Central Africa Cotton Improvement Program; in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
•28 September – 06 November 2009: Short course on “Professional qualities for facilitation and collaboration in Natural Resources Management - Adaptive management tools & methods for sustainable Natural Resources Management”. Organised by Wageningen International in collaboration with Kwamé N’Kuruma University for Science and Technology of Kumasi, Ghana. The training programme was two consecutive sessions of three weeks each, which took place successively in Wageningen, the Netherlands and in Kumasi, Ghana.
•November 2008 (17 – 28): International Thematic School « Agro biodiversity of humans and plants: Tools and Methods of Analyse »; Organised by IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) and CIRAD (Centre International de Recherche en Agriculture et Développement); in Montpellier, France.
•October 2008 (6 – 31): Short course on “Plant Genetic Resources and Seeds: Policies, Conservation and Uses”. Organised by Wageningen International, the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN) hosted by Mekelle University (MU) and Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Centre (DZARC) of Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research; in Mekelle and Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.
•March 2006 (27-31): Workshop of « Darwin Initiative Research on Communities Trees Seeds (DIRECTS) ». Organised the Millennium Seed Bank Project, Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew (UK) in collaboration with the Forest Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG), in Kumasi, Ghana.
•September 2002: Short course on « Seeds Conservation Techniques ». Organized in the framework of the Millennium Seed Bank Project by the Department of Seeds Conservation, Wakehurst Place, Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, United Kingdom (UK).

Other affiliations:

•Member 2010-2013 and 2013-2016 of the Seed Storage Committee of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).