Dr. Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla


+226 50 37 54 29
+226 76 76 53 85


WASCAL Headquarters

Blvd Mouammar Kadhafi, Ouaga 2000
06 BP 9507 Ouaga 06
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


  • Senior Researcher
  • Observation Networks Coordinator


Competence Centre

Programs and Research Projects:

  • 1.1 Regional Climate Model System
  • 1.3 Land Surface & Regional Climate
  • Cluster 1: Climate and Weather


Daily Characteristics of West African Monsoon Rainfall in CORDEX Regional Climate Models

Klutse, Nana Ama Browne | Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla, Ismaila Diallo, Abdoulaye Sarr, Alessandro Dosio, Arona Diedhiou, Andre Kamga, Benjamin Lamptey, Abdou Ali, Emiola O. Gbobaniyi, Kwadwo Owusu, Chris Lennard, Bruce Hewitson, Grigory Nikulin, Hans-Jürgen Panitz, and Matthias Büchner

Projected Changes in the Annual Cycle of High Intensity Precipitation Events over West Africa for the Late 21st Century

Sylla, Mouhamadou Bamba | Filippo Giorgi, Jeremy S. Pal, Peter Gibba, Ibourahima Kebe, and Michel Nikiema

Impact of Land Surface Characterization on Regional Climate Modeling over West Africa

Sylla, Mouhamadou Bamba | J.S. Pal, G.L. Wang, and P. Lawrence

Climatology, annual cycle and interannual variability of precipitation and temperature in CORDEX simulations over West Africa

Gbobaniyi, Emiola | Abdoulaye Sarr, Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla, Ismaila Diallo, Chris Lennard, Alessandro Dosio, Arona Dhiédiou, Andre Kamga, Nana Ama Browne Klutse, Bruce Hewitson, Grigory Nikulin and Benjamin Lamptey

West African Monsoon in State-of-the-Science Regional Climate Models, Climate Variability

Regional and Thematic Patterns

Sylla, Mouhamadou Bamba | Ismaila Diallo and S. Pal