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  • Director Doctoral Programme Climate Change and Water Resources


Department of Capacity Building

Programs and Research Projects:

  • Doctoral Programme Climate Change and Water Resources


Hydro-climatic changes in the Niger basin and consistency of local perceptions

Oyerinde, Ganiyu Titilope | Fabien C. C. Hountondji, Dominik Wisser, Bernd Diekkrüger, Agnide E. Lawin, Ayo J. Odofin, and Abel Afouda

Modelling extreme streamflows under non-stationary conditions in the Ouémé river basin, Benin, West Africa

Hydrological Sciences and Water Security: Past, Present and Future. Proceedings of the 11th Kovacs Colloquium, Paris, France, June 2014

Hounkpé, J. | Afouda, A., Diekkrüger, B., F. Hountondji

Evaluation of recent hydro-climatic changes in four tributaries of the Niger River basin (West Africa)

Badou, Djigbo Félicien | Evison Kapangaziwiri, Bernd Diekkrüger, Jean Hounkpè, and Abel Afouda

Quantifying uncertainties in modeling climate change impacts on hydropower production

Oyerinde, T.G | Wisser, D., Hountondji, F.C.C., Odofin, A.J. Lawin, A.E., Afouda, A. & B. Diekkrüger

Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the Comoe River Basin (West Africa)

Yéo. W. E | Goula, B.T.A., Diekkrüger, B. & A. Afouda

Improving Hydro-Climatic Projections

Improving Hydro-Climatic Projections with Bias-Correction in Sahelian Niger Basin, West Africa

Oyerinde, T.G. | Hountondji, F.C.C., Lawin, A.E., Odofin, A.J.,Afouda, A. & B. Diekkrüger