Kristijan Canak




Department of Geography, University of Bonn

Office Address: Herbarium, University of Cologne, Kerpenerstr. 59, 50937 Cologne


Core Research Programme

Research interests:

Functional links between major drivers of vegetation dynamics and forage provision in West and South West African rangelands; Response-effect relationships, between environmental conditions, plant traits and ecosystem properties/services.

Programs and Research Projects:

  • 2.2 Grazing Land Management

Education & Training:

Since 2012: PhD Candidate at the Geographical Institute (University of Bonn)

2012: Diploma Thesis "Rangeland quality indicators: individual traits and population ecology of the tufted savanna grass
Stipagrostis uniplumis (LICHT. ex ROEM. & SCHULT.) DE WINTER var. uniplumis. A test of Holistic Rangeland Management in Namibia” (Institute of Geography, University of Cologne)

2009: Four month research in Namibia's Kunene Region

2003-2012: Study of Geography, Botany & Zoology (University of Cologne)

Other affiliations:

Range Ecology and Management Group, Botanical Institute, University of Cologne