PD Dr. Christine Fuerst


  • Senior Researcher


Core Research Programme

Programs and Research Projects:

  • 6.1 Land Use Impact Modeling


Ecosystem services for connecting actors–lessons from a symposium

Opdam, Paul | Christian Albert, Christine Fürst, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Janina Kleemann, Dawn Parker, Daniele La Rosa, Katja Schmidt, Grace B. Villamor, and Ariane Walz

Integrating ecosystem services in landscape planning: requirements, approaches, and impacts

Albert, Christian | James Aronson, Christine Fürst, and Paul Opdam

Making use of the ecosystem ser-vices concept in regional planning—trade-offs from reducing water erosion

Frank, Susanne | Christine Fürst, Anke Witt, Lars Koschke, and Franz Makeschin

How to assess the impact of agricultural and forest management on biodiversity and ecosystem services

Fürst, Christine | Susanne Frank, Daniel Rozas-Vasquez, Marcos Jimenez, Katrin Pietzsch, Frank Pietzsch

Managing regulating services for sustainability

Fürst, Christine | Susanne Frank, Justice Nana Inkoom

Inaugural editorial. Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems

Fürst, Christine | Peter Berry, David Geneletti, Asia Khamzina, Safiétou Sanfo

Assessing hydrological and pro-visioning ecosystem services in a case study in Western Central Brazil

Koschke, Lars | Carsten Lorz, Christine Fürst, Tobias Lehman, Frank Makeschin

Do You Have 5 Minutes To Spare? – The Challenges Of Stakeholder Processes In Ecosystem Services Studies

Koschke, Lars | Suzanne Van der Meulen, Susanne Frank, Anna Schneidergruber, Marion Kruse, Christine Fürst, Esther Neubert, Bettina Ohnesorge, Claudia Schröder, Felix Müller, Olaf Bastian